Love Psychic

name For over 20 years I’ve focused on psychic love advice and relationships. My expertise is in reading feelings. I receive the deepest thoughts and intentions that people have towards others. I am also a Reiki Master and I do Reiki distant healings over the phone using a person's picture. I work on healing people emotionally, physically and spiritually. I have successfully matched up many singles who are now married.

Psychic Love Advice: Love Affirmations to Transform Your Life

04th March 2010
I have been doing free psychic readings and Reiki distant healings for 20 years and I strongly believe in the Law of Attraction and the concept that who and what we believe are what shapes our life. Difficult childhoods can reap havoc on our beliefs about... Read >

Powerful Releasing Affirmation To Get Over a Relationship Breakup

26th February 2010
After many years of being a professional love psychic and giving psychic love advice, I recognize that the majority of relationship breakups are painful and very difficult to get over. The majority of free psychic readings that I do are for men and women ... Read >